• KAM Series 1989

(89-122) M. Loebl, J. Nesetril : Postorder hierarchy for path compressions and set union.
(89-123) A. Pultr, J. Ulehla : Notes on characterization of paracompact frames.
(89-124) J. Rohn : An existence theorem for systems of linear equations.
(89-125) J. Rohn : Real eigenvalues of an interval matrix with rank one radius.
(89-126) J. Ulehla : On embeddings of free quantals into Babelian quantals.
(89-127) V. Pus : Representation of semigroups by products of simple graphs.
(89-128) KAM Series Abstracts 1-71: 1986 (fall) and 1987.
(89-129) J. Rohn : Nonsingularity under data rounding.
(89-130) V. Pus : On multiplicative bases in commutative semigroups.
(89-131) T. Ibaraki, S. Poljak : Weak three-linking in Eulerian digraphs.
(89-132) M. Loebl : Generalised postorder path compression systems.
(89-133) K. Murota, S. Poljak : Note on a graph-theoretic criterion for structural output controllability.
(89-134) M. Loebl, J. Nesetril : Linearity and unprovability of set union problem strategies I. Linearity of on-line postorder.
(89-135) P. D. Seymour, R. Thomas : Graph searching and a minimax theorem for tree-width.
(89-136) KAM Series abstracts 72-110.
(89-137) M. Kano, S. Poljak : Graphs with Balas-Uhry property.
(89-138) M. Loebl : Gadget classification.
(89-139) M. Loebl, S. Poljak : Subgraph packing -- a survey.
(89-140) B. Banaschewski, A. Pultr : Samuel compactification and completion of uniform frames.
(89-141) J. Rohn : Linear interval equations: Enclosing and nonsingularity.
(89-142) Y. C. Sok, K. Zimmermann : Optimal choice of parameters in machine-time scheduling problems with penalized earliness in starting and lateness in completing the operations.
(89-143) J. Kratochvil, J. Matousek : Intersection graphs of segments.
(89-144) S. Poljak : Coloring digraphs by iterated antichains.
(89-145) M. Knor : Note on linear arboricity.
(89-146) S. Poljak, D. Turzik : Max-cut in circular graphs.
(89-147) D. Bienstock, N. Robertson, R. Thomas, P. D. Seymour : Quickly excluding a forest.
(89-148) A. Pultr : On Sabidussi-Fawcett subdirect representation.
(89-149) A. Frieze, L. Kucera : Parallel coloring of random graphs.
(89-150) A. Pultr : Notes on an extension of the structure of frame.
(89-151) M. Krivanek : The use of graphs of elliptical influence in visual hierarchical clustering.
(89-152) Annual Report 88/89.
(89-153) M. Loebl, J. Nesetril : An unprovable Ramsey-type theorem.
(89-154) P. D. Seymour, R. Thomas : Excluding infinite trees.
(89-155) R. Adamec, M. Klazar, P. Valtr : Forbidden words.
(89-156) F. Mraz : On the set of nonnegative solutions of linear interval equations.
(89-157) P. Savicky : Boolean functions with the maximal Hamming distance from the linear functions.
(89-158) N. Robertson, P. D. Seymour, R. Thomas : Quickly excluding a planar graph.
(89-159) A. Ambrosetti, M. Calahorrano, F. Dobarro : Global branching for discontinuous problems.