• KAM Series 1987

(87-23) S. Poljak, Zs. Tuza : On the maximum number of qualitatively independent partitions.
(87-24) I. Kriz : Large independent sets in shift-invariant graphs. Solution of the Bergelson's problem.
(87-25) I. Kriz, R. Thomas : The Menger-like property of the tree-width of infinite graphs and related compactness results.
(87-26) O. Zyka : Nowhere-zero 30-flow on bidirected graphs.
(87-27) R. Svarc : Two examples of the operators with jumping nonlinearities.
(87-28) J. Ulehla : On environments which force mice to behave regularly.
(87-29) V. Pus : A remark on distances in products of graphs.
(87-30) I. Kriz, A. Pultr : Peculiar behavior of connected locales.
(87-31) A. S. Fraenkel, M. Loebl, J. Nesetril : Epidemiography II: Games with dozing yet winning player.
(87-32) Selected problems from 15th Winter School.
(87-33) M. Krivanek : The complexity of ultrametric partitions on graphs.
(87-34) L. Grygarova : The implicit function theorem for a convex function.
(87-35) P. Hell, D. Kirkpatrick, J. Kratochvil and I. Kriz : On restricted two-factors.
(87-36) L. Kucera : Canonical labeling of regular graphs in linear average time.
(87-37) M. Loebl, J. Matousek : Hercules and Hidden Hydra Helper.
(87-38) S. Poljak, V. Rodl, J. Spencer : Tournament ranking with expected profit in polynomial time.
(87-39) I. Kriz, J. Nesetril : Chromatic number of the Hasse diagrams, eyebrows and dimension.
(87-40) G. Gambosi, J. Nesetril, M. Talamo : Posets, Boolean representations and quick path searching.
(87-41) I. Kriz, R. Thomas : Clique-sums, tree-decompositions and compactness.
(87-42) S. Poljak : Transformations on graphs and convexity.
(87-43) J. Panevova : Marked and unmarked, primary and secondary items in linguistic description.
(87-44) J. Kratochvil, J. Matousek, J. Maly : On perfect codes in a random graph.
(87-45) P. Erdos, J. Nesetril, V. Rodl : On Pisier type problems and results (Combinatorial applications to number theory).
(87-46) R. Svarc : Linear complementarity problem and extremal hyperplanes.
(87-47) J. Ulehla : A theory of words and the Peano arithmetics.
(87-48) S. Poljak, D. Turzik : Subgradients of convex functions and periodical behaviour of cellular automata.
(87-49) J. Nesetril, V. Rodl : Partite construction and Ramsey set systems.
(87-50) M. Loebl, S. Poljak : Efficient subgraph packing.
(87-51) R. Thomas : A Menger-like property of tree width. The finite case.
(87-52) S. Poljak, D. Turzik : Maximum bipartite subgraphs of circulant graphs.
(87-53) J. Nesetril, V. Rodl : Partite construction and Ramsey space systems.
(87-54) M. Loebl : Hercules and Hydra.
(87-55) Annual report 1986/1987.
(87-56) C. D. Godsil, R. Nowakowski, J. Nesetril : The chromatic connectivity of graphs.
(87-57) M. Loebl, S. Poljak : Bipartite packing.
(87-58) I. Kriz, R. Thomas : Quantitative infinite Ramsey theory. Preliminary report.
(87-59) J. Matousek : Approximate halfplanar range counting.
(87-60) J. Nesetril : On a problem of Pisier.
(87-61) J. Nesetril, V. Rodl : Ramsey theory for set structures.
(87-62) J. Palata : One important tool in optimization.
(87-63) J. Rohn : Solving systems of linear interval equations.
(87-64) P. Materna, E. Hajicova, P. Sgall : Redundant answers and topic/focus articulation.
(87-65) J. Kratochvil : Perfect codes in general graphs.
(87-66) S. Poljak : On maximum rank of a power of a matrix of a given pattern.
(87-67) M. Loebl, J. Nesetril : Linearity and unprovability of the set union problem strategies.
(87-68) A. Pultr : Coproducts of diametric frames
(87-69) R. Thomas : Well-quasiordering infinite graphs with forbidden finite planar minor.
(87-70) J. Kratochvil, M. Krivanek : On the computational complexity of codes in graphs.
(87-71) S. Poljak : Maximum rank of powers of matrix of a given pattern.