• KAM Series 1986

(86-1) J. Nesetril, V. Rodl : Complexity of diagrams.
(86-2) P. Sgall : From expression through meaning to intension.
(86-3) I. Kriz : A hypergraph-less construction of highly chromatic graphs without short cycles.
(86-4) M. Loebl, S. Poljak : On matroids induced by packing subgraphs.
(86-5) K. Zimmermann : One optimization problem with max-min operations.
(86-6) R. Svarc : Some combinatorial results about the operators with jumping nonlinearities.
(86-7) J. Matousek : Few colored cuts or cycles in edge colored graphs.
(86-8) E. Hajicova : Machine translation research in Czechoslovakia.
(86-9) J. Nesetril, P. Pudlak : A note on Boolean dimension of posets.
(86-10) L. Kucera : Greedy coloring is a bad probabilistic algorithm.
(86-11) S. Poljak, M. Chrobak : On common edges in optimal solutions to travelling salesman and other optimization problems.
(86-12) R. Svarc : The operators with jumping nonlinearities and combinatorics.
(86-13) R. Thomas : A counterexample to Wagner's conjecture for infinite graphs.
(86-14) P. Sgall, J. Panevova : Dependency syntax, its problems and advantages.
(86-15) J. Kratochvil, D. Zeps : On the minimum number of hamiltonian cycles in triangulations.
(86-16) J. Nesetril : For graphs there are only four types of hereditary Ramsey classes.
(86-17) S. Poljak, Zs. Tuza : Maximum bipartite subgraphs of Kneser graphs.
(86-18) J. Nesetril, R. Thomas : Well quasiorderings, long games and a combinatorial study of undecidability.
(86-19) M. Loebl, J. Matousek : On undecidability of the weakened Kruskal theorem.
(86-20) M. Loebl, S. Poljak : Remark on restricted and strongly unimodular matrices and a class between them.
(86-21) E. Hajicova : Focussing -- a meeting point of linguistics and artificial intelligence.
(86-22) P. Hell, J. Nesetril : On the complexity of H-coloring.