KAMAK is a seminar devoted to problem solving. KAMAK is organized by KAM and IUUK. Open problems are usually suggested by the attendants of the seminar. According to their preference, attendants will split into several groups (usually 3 to 5 people) and try to solve the chosen problem.

If you have a question use the e-mail: kamak@kam

Open problems

It is better to have as many open problem as it is possible, so everyone will have a chance to find a problem suitable for him.

For your problem suggestion, please use our template. The result of using pdflatex on the template pdf.

Problem should be

  • interesting
  • understandable by students within small amount of time (even without much knowledge of the field)
  • presentable within a short time


The workshop participation is by invitation only. Regardless, if you wish to participate, please email the organizers and we will respond to you shortly.

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