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  • Nihil Shah: Game Comonads in Finite Model Theory (Master Thesis) [1]
  • Adam Ó Conghaile: Game comonads, descriptive complexity & finite model theory (First Year Report) [2]

Talks (slides and/or videos)

  • Nihil Shah, "Restricting Power: The Pebble-Relation Comonad in Finite Model Theory" at ACT 2021 (slides, video).
  • Luca Reggio (j.w.w. Anuj Dawar, Tomáš Jakl) "Lovász-type Theorems and Game Comonads" at LICS 2021 [3].
  • Daniel Marsden (j.w.w. Samson Abramsky) "Comonadic semantics for guarded fragments" at LICS 2021 [4].
  • Nihil Shah. "Bisimulation between hom sets and logics without counting" at Structure meets Power workshop 2021 (slides, video).
  • Luca Reggio. "Lovász-type theorems and polyadic spaces" at BLAST 2021 (slides).
  • Thomas Paine. "Game Comonads and an application to the Equirank-variable conjecture" at MFPS 2020 [5].
  • Adam Ó Conghaile. "k-Cores for game comonads" at Contextuality 2019 (slides).

From Online Workshop on Resources and Co-Resources: A Junction between Semantics and Descriptive Complexity:

  • Dan Marsden: Guards, Structure and Power
  • Adam Ó Conghaile: Game comonads and generalised quantifiers
  • Nihil Shah: Path-width and restricting conjunction in k-variable logic

Samson's talks on the topic:

  • Coalgebra Dreams [6]
  • Relating Structure to Power:Comonadic semantics for computational resources [7]