About LIME

LIME - (Library of Interval Methods) is a toolbox for computations with interval data. It will be part of my PhD thesis. Since I am trying to finish it soon, I am working on it intensely.


Currently, LIME is going through large (hopefully the last) reconstruction. Methods are being completely reimplemented to work under both (Matlab + Intlab) and (Octave + its interval package). Moreover, the unit tests and benchmarking methods are being added. The version contained in .zip file is the old incomplete version usable only under Matlab. The new version of lime contains added methods for (eigenvalues, determinants, parametric systems, data estimation) and will appear soon. The new parts are being constantly added.

Current reconstruction target: subpackage for solving interval linear systems.


Download old LIME zip file

Copyright (C) 2018 - Jaroslav Horáček (KAM MFF UK)