HOMONOLO'03 - Workshop on graph homomorphisms and related topics

Nova Louka, September 15 - 19, 2003

Samalova chata

Organized by DIMATIA and ITI as a satellite workshop of EUROCOMB'03

The workshop continues the tradition started at Nova Louka in late fall 2000. The workshop will be devoted to structural properties, algebraic aspects, algorithmic complexity and other aspects of graph homomorphisms and related topics. It will follow the informal atmosphere of Prague Midsummer Combinatorial Workshops, in particular every participant is expected to present some open problems in a 20-30 minute long talk, but no abstracts are required beforehand. The program is decided on the spot, so that enough time remains for discussions, problem solving and sightseeing.

Participation is by invitation only. To inquire please contact Jan Kratochvil, Jaroslav Nesetril or Jiri Fiala.

The venue of the workshop is a historic wooden hunters' lodge far away from traces of civilization. Sporting activities include horseback riding, table tennis, mountain biking and the excellent quisine of the cheff Mr. Polak with game on everyday menu.

Travel instructions

The lodge Samalova chata at Nova Louka is located in the center of one of the nicest Czech hills Jizerske hory, located in the north part of Czech Republic (close to the Polish and German borders). The easiest way by car to Nova Louka is through Liberec (freeway E35 north from Prague), then to Bedrichov (see the map) and then finally to Nova Louka. Beyond Bedrichov the road is closed for public, but hotel guests are allowed to drive in. A shuttle bus from Prague to Nova Louka and back will be arranged.



Lodging is $10 per person per night, room sharing expected and needed for the capacity reasons.


Please confirm your participation by e-mail to the secretary Mrs. Hana Polisenska and cf. to Jan Kratochvil. Indicate if you want us to arrange a mountain bike rental for you.

June 2003 Jan Kratochvil