Geometric seminar (NDMI106)

Time of the seminar: Tuesday 2:00pm, in the room S6.

Instructors: Martin Balko and Pavel Valtr. E-mails: surname (AT)

  • 0/2, Z, 3 E-Credits
  • Presentation of papers and new results from discrete and computational geometry, possibly solving problems from this area.
  • Credit:
    • Every student has to present a paper to get credit for the course.
    • It is possible to show the presentation to one of the instructors beforehand.
  • Available papers:
    • Constructions of point-line arrangements in the plane with large girth (M. Mirzaei, A. Suk, J. Verstraëte) [Link]
    • Every collinear set in a planar graph is free (V. Dujmović, F. Frati, D. Gonçalves, P. Morin, G. Rote) [Link]
    • Ham Sandwich is Equivalent to Borsuk–Ulam (C. S. Karthik, A. Saha) [Link]
    • Radon numbers grow linearly (D. Pálvölgyi) [Link]
  • Reserved papers:
    • Bounded VC-dimension implies the Schur–Erdős conjecture (J. Fox, J. Pach, A. Suk) [Link]
    • Planar point sets determine many pairwise crossing segments (J. Pach, N. Rubin, G. Tardos) [Link]

  • (18.2.2020): We agreed on time of the seminar at the schedule of lectures and seminars of KAM and IÚUK.
  • First seminar (25.2.2020): Introduction, we introduced the proposed papers and presented a quick introduction to discrete geometry.
  • Second seminar (3.3.2020): To be added. We plan a series of presentations of the recent results of the members of the department and guests that work in the field of discrete geometry. The seminar will start at 1pm. List of speakers: V. Jelínek, J. Kratochvíl, P. Paták, A. Acharyya, R. K. Jallu, V. Keikha, M. Balko, and P. Valtr.
  • Third seminar (10.3.2020): The seminar was cancelled.
  • Meetings of the seminar are cancelled until further notice.

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