Prague Midsummer Combinatorial Workshop XV

July 27 - July 31, 2009

Only for invited participants (if in doubts please contact organizers).

First announcement

The workshop continues the tradition of Prague Combinatorial Workshops held since 1993. Oriented on problems of all fields of graph theory, combinatorics and discrete geometry, it will continue in the spirit and informal working atmosphere of the previous meetings. The workshop takes place at DIMATIA and the Department of Applied Mathematics of Charles University, Malostranske namesti 25, Prague 1, which is located in a historic building in the center of Old Prague. For the eighth time the workshop is also supported by ITI Charles University (Center for Theoretical Computer Science). A booklet of problems communicated at the workshop will be published in the Department KAM-DIMATIA Series.

The workshop will start on Monday July 27th 2009 at 9am at the Department of Applied Mathematics - KAM, Malostranske namesti 25, Prague 1, second floor (room S5).

All e-mail correspondence concerning the workshop (e.g. accomodation booking) should be directed to .

Junior organizers: Pavel Rytíř, Marek Tesař

Senior organizers: Martin Loebl, Jaroslav Nešetřil

Afternoons are reserved for discussions. The programme will be determined each day for the following day. You are expected to let us know about your intended talk on Monday. The workshop follows an informal routine with enough time for discussions.

On Wednesday afternoon we shall organize an excursion which will be followed by a dinner. Everybody is invited.


All speakers are kindly ask to send us short notes about their talks. The note need to be written in standart LaTeX. The lenght of the note should one to three pages of A5 page format. Please, send your note as soon as possible (not later than 30. 9. 2009) to Jirka Fink (fink at All notes will be published in KAM-DIMATIA Series.

Preliminary list of participants:
Marcel Abas
Peter Allen
Dominique Andres
Ondřej Bílka
Julia Boettcher
Josef Cibulka
Anna De Mier
David Duncan
Peter Erdős
Luis Esperet
Stefan Felsner
Jiří Fiala
Jiří Fink
Delia Garijo
John Gimbel
Andrew Goodall
Gena Hahn
Jan Hladký
Winfried Hochstättler
Jeremy Holden
Jan Hubička
Aaron Jaggard
Vít Jelínek
Eva Jelínková
Andrea Jimenez
P. Jirásek
Tomáš Kaiser
Ida Kantor
Andrew King
Tamás Király
Pavel Klavík
Martin Klazar
Peter Kolman
Roman Kotecký
Daniel Kráľ
Jan Kratochvíl
Christian Krattenthaler
Marek Krčál
Naďa Krivoňáková
Gábor Kun
Jan Kynčl
Bernard Lidický
Martin Loebl
Gregor Masbaum
Jiří Matoušek
Jana Maxová
Viola Mészáros
Jaroslav Nešetřil
Yared Nigussie
Sergei Norine
Helena Nyklová
Amanda Olsen
Ondřej Pangrác
Julia Pap
P. Paták
Anders Sune Pedersen
Marco Pellegrini
Oleg Pikhurko
Diana Piquet
Michel Pocchiola
Vladimír Puš
Diane Render
Miklós Ruszinko
Pavel Rytíř
Zuzka Safernová
Marcus Schaefer
Jens M. Schmidt
Jiří Sgall
Mark Siggers
Jozef Skokan
Rudolf Stolař
Ondřej Suchý
Endre Szemerédi
Martin Tancer
Bhalchandra Thatte
Gabor Fejes Toth
Pavel Valtr
Jan van den Heuvel
Channing Verbeck
László Végh
Jan Volec
Doreen Yagnatinsky
Norma Yu

Travel info (by public transport):

For public transportation you can buy a 75-minute ticket in newsstand or in vending machine for 26 CZK. You have to validate it as you enter the tram or bus (or as you enter the subway zone).