Prague Midsummer Combinatorial Workshop IV

July 28 - August 2, 1996

The fourth in the series of Prague Midsummer Workshops was organized in cooperation with the Discrete Optimization Network DIMANET (coordinator Walter Deuber). The scientific program of the workshop took place in the historical building in the center of Prague, where the Department of Applied Mathematics is located. We were particularly happy to greet Moshe Rosenfeld and Carsten Thomassen among the number of participants. Again, many graduate students took part in the workshop.

As last year, we have organized a banquet in Ledeburg Gardens under Prague Castle. The official conference photo was taken there. This year we organized a private organ concert in the St. Nicolas Church, performed by A. Huck. An excerpt from the proceedings: July 31. That day was perhaps the most enjoyable day: It started as a very scentifically active day in the morning. In the afternoon nearly everybody took part in the guided tour (J. N.) through newly opened Museum of Modern Art in Prague. In the early evening we had the conference photo and dinner in Ledebourg Gardens which was followed by an organ concert given in St. Nicolas Church by conference participant Andreas Huck (we include the concert programme in these proceedings). And after that nobody wanted to leave and we ended our day "U Kocoura". Well perhaps a really rich day in a true renaissance sense.

List of participants:

Robert Babilon (Prague), Krystyna T. Balinska (Poznan), Imre Barany (Budapest), Olof Barr (Umea), Walter Deuber (Bielefeld), Tomas Dvorak (Prague), Aviezri Fraenkel (Israel), Hubert de Fraysseix (Paris), Ervin Gyori (Budapest), Ivan Havel (Prague), Petr Hlineny (Prague), Andreas Huck (Hannover), Tomas Kaiser (Prague), Martin Klazar (Prague), Martin Kochol (Bratislava), Alexander Kostochka (Novosibirisk), Jan Kratochvil (Prague), Jiri Matousek (Prague), Tsuyoshi Matsumoto (Paris), Patrice Ossona de Mendez (Paris), Jaroslav Nesetril (Prague), Andre Raspaud (Bordeaux), Vojta Rodl (Atlanta), Moshe Rosenfeld (Seattle), Miklos Ruszinko (Budapest), Eric Sopena (Bordeaux), Eberhard Triesch (Bonn), Pavel Valtr (Prague), Paola Vocca (Roma), Heinz-Juergen Voss (Dresden).
February 7, 1996 [ Prague Midsummer Combinatorial Workshops] [ Department of Applied Mathematics] [Charles University]