Summer 2023 training at Rutgers University supported by CoSP

Summer training of talented young researchers from Charles University and Rutgers University has started. In 2023, 11 researchers from Charles University and 6 from Rutgers University participate in the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU 2023). The summer training lasts from June until the beginning of August 2023.

More information is available here at REU 2023 webpage here. Participants presented the research projects, on which they will work during REU, to peers and mentors on 05/06/2023. CUNI's presentations are below.

KT Graph Orientations

Division Game

Hardness of Approximation for Clustering Objectives

Steiner Trees for Regular Simplexes\

REU will continue with the training programme at Rutgers University with work on research projects; technical training (for example lectures, workshops or site visit); and new competences in the area of transferable skills. The second half of REU will take place in Prague in the last weeks of July and beginning of August 2023.