CoSP School and Workshop on Deep Learning and Applications CANCELLED

1. The School is held Tue April 14 (9.00-- 12.20, lecture rooms S8, S9) and Wed April 15 (9.00-- 12.20, lecture room S8) and features 

Roman Neruda, Martin Pilat: Deep Learning Tutorial

In a series of four talks we present a gentle introduction to deep learning principles and applications. Several important deep neural architectures will be described, including multilayer perceptrons, convolutional networks, and recurrent networks. We will show practical examples of typical deep learning applications for image classification, natural language processing, and reinforcement learning as well as more exotic models like graph neural networks and neural Turing machines.

2. The Workshop is held Thu April 16 (9.00-- 13.00) and Fri April 17 and features several contributed talks.