CoSP resumes after COVID - REU 2022 at Rutgers in person

We are glad to announce that researchers started again travelling abroad on secondments with CoSP after a pause enforced by COVID-19 pandemic. Michal Koucky visited Rutgers in April 2022.

In the end of May, 10 young talented researchers went from Charles University (CZ) to Rutgers University (US) in order to participate in Research Experience for Undergraduates 2022 (REU 2022). On June 6 2022, students presented the research problems on which they will work on during their secondment.

 Understanding non-monotonicity for 2 independent items - David Sychrovsky, Jachym Mierva

 Designing non-manipulable tournament rules - Jan Soukup, David Miksanik

 Complexity questions derived from Graph Cities – Jan Bronec

 Cycle polytope triangulations and persistent graphs - Gaurav Kucheriya

 Rate 1 Non-malleable codes for polysize tampering - Svetlana Ivanova and Guillermo Gamboa

Fine-grained Space Complexity – Tung Anh Vu

GKR: Journey to NIZK - Ilia Zavidnyi

The training at Rutgers continued with an excellent talk of Misha Khonanov with the title "Regular languages and cobordisms of decorated manifolds".

Abstract: Regular languages constitute a simple class of languages that can be described via finite state automata. We explain a recently found

enhancement of regular languages, extending them to an invariant of one-dimensional cobordisms (1-manifolds stretched between two

0-manifolds) with decorations. This approach requires using a circular language as a regularizer and leads to a categorical extension of these

familiar concepts. Various necessary concepts, including those of a cobordism, the Boolean semiring and semimodules over it, will be

explained in the talk, which is based on a joint recent work with Mee Seong Im. 

The recording of the talk is here.