Continuation of REU 2019 in Prague supported by CoSP

A rich programme  for the American and Czech young researchers, supported by CoSP, will be held July 22-- August 2 in Prague.

Mon July 22

9:30-10 - welcome, getting around (Martin Loebl, Jirka Fiala)

10-13 J. Kynčl: Erdos-Szekeres thm.

Tue July 23

CoSP School on topological methods

9.00-11.00 P. Haxell: Topological Connectedness and Independent Sets in Graphs

11.30-14.00 R. Aharoni: On topological methods

Wed July 24


Thu July 25

9.00-13.00 CoSP Student Workshop

Fri July 26

10-13 M. Klazar: On generating functions

In addition this week July 22-26 the students are invited to take part 
in the COSP workshop lectures on topological methods that are arranged
in the afternoon.

Tue July 30

14-18 V. Chvátal: Traveling salesman problem (public lecture-series and training in the complementary skill of self-promotion)

Thu Aug 1

14-15 closing session, feedback

In addition this week July 29-Aug 2 the students are invited to take
part in the Midsummer combinatorial workshop.