European Prize in Combinatorics awarded

The European Prize in Combinatorics is established by the European Research and Training Network COMBSTRU and by the centre DIMATIA to recognise excellent contributions in Combinatorics by young researchers not older than 35. It is awarded biannually in conjunction with the meeting EUROCOMB.

The first Prize was presented at the European Combinatorial Conference EUROCOMB'03 held in Prague last September carrying a monetary award of 2500 Euros. The award was funded with the contribution of private companies, DIMATIA and COMBSTRU.

The Prize Committee for this fisrt edition consisted of Jaroslav Nesetril, Chair (Prague), Vera T. Sos (Budapest) and Alexander Schrijver (Amsterdam).

Two prizes were awarded:

One jointly to DANIELA KUHN and DERYK OSTHUS (Germany),
- for extensive collection of results in the core graph theory devoted to the study of graph minors, random structures, particulary in their relationship to Hadwiger´s conjecture,

and a second to ALAIN PLAGNE (France),
- for extensive work in combinatorial number theory and for solution of several open problems employing different techniques on the borderline of combinatorics and number theory.

October 2003