EuroComb'03 - Accepted contributions

(with no specific order)

Rieuwert J. Blok, Bruce E. Sagan:
Topological Properties of Active orders on Matroid Bases

Andrea Vietri:
Arc-coloring of directed hypergraphs and chromatic number of walls

Petr Hlineny, Geoff Whittle:
Tree-Width and Matroids

Juergen Koehl, Ronald Luijten:
A Reduced Non-blocking Routing Network

Freydoon Rahbarnia:
An Algorithm for Finding A Hamiltonian Cycle in Middle Two Ranks of Poset Bn

Gregory Gutin:
Introduction to Domination Analysis

Mohammad Taghi Hajiaghayi:
Bounded Fragmentation Property and Its Applications In Network Reliability

Charles Pinter:
A Combinatorial Measure of Information

Jiri Fiala, Jana Maxova:
Cantor-type theorem for locally constrained graph homomorphisms

Arnaud Pecher, Annegret K. Wagler:
A construction for non-rank facets of stable set polytopes of webs

Yoshimi Egawa, Hikoe Enomoto, Ralph J. Faudree, Hao Li, Ingo Schiermeyer:
Two-Factors Each Component of Which Contains a Specified Vertex

Josep Diaz, Maria Serna, Dimitrios M. Thilikos:
Counting List H-Colorings and Variants

Vince Grolmusz:
Fast Matrix Multiplication via Matrix-Covers

Omer Gimenez, Marc Noy:
On the complexity of computing the Tutte polynomial of bicircular matroids

Zdenek Dvorak, Tomas Kaiser, Daniel Kral:
Eulerian colorings and the Bipartizing matchings conjecture of Fleischner

David Orden, Francisco Santos:
The polytope of non-crossing graphs on a planar point set

Hein van der Holst:
An algorithm to find an linkless embedding of a graph

Jiri Fiala, Daniel Kral, Riste Skrekovski:
Brooks-type Theorem for Generalized List T-Coloring

R. Bruce Ritcher, Antoine Vella:
Graphs as topological objects

Isidoro Gitler, Feliu Sagols:
On Hamiltonian decompositions of 4-regular planar graphs

Reza Naserasr:
K5-free bound for the class of planar graphs

Marek Janata:
About a new class of matroidal packing families

Simone Severini:
Towards a characterization of uni-stochastic matrices

Eyal Beigman:
Extension of Arrow's theorem to symmetric sets of tournaments

Katarina Cechlarova, Tamas Fleiner:
On a generalization of the stable roommates problem

Susumu Suzuki, Toshihide Ibaraki:
The complexity of assigning genotypes to people in a pedigree consistently

Winfried Hochstaettler, Jaroslav Nesetril:
Antisymmetric Flows in Matroids

Stephen Finbow, Andrew King, Gary MacGillivray, Romeo Rizzi:
The Firefighter Problem for Graphs of Maximum Degree Three

Eugenia O'Reilly Regueiro:
Flag-Transitive Symmetric Designs

Mirka Miller, Minh Hoang Nguyen, Rinovia Simanjuntak:
Repeat structure in regular graphs and digraphs

Yon Dourisboure, Cyril Gavoille:
Tree-decompostion of Graphs with small Diameter Bags

Janka Chlebikova, Klaus Jansen:
The d-precoloring problem on k-degenerate graphs

Daniel Berend, Amir Sapir:
The Cyclic and Path Multi-peg Tower of Hanoi

Petrica C. Pop:
A New Relaxation Method for the Generalized Minimum Spanning Tree Problem

Simeon Ball:
The functions over a finite field that determine few directions

Reinhard Laue:
Many Isomorphism Types of 6- and 7-Designs

Daniel Goncalves:
Caterpillar arboricity of planar graphs

Nikolai Kuzjurin:
Generalized covers and their approximations

Ton Kloks, C. M. Lee, Jiping Liu, C. L. Lu, S. L. Peng:
Descrying induced interval graphs

Laszlo Szego:
On constructive characterizations of (k,l)-sparse graphs

Michal Tkac, Heinz-Juergen Voss:
On 2-connected spanning subgraphs of given maximum degree

Cyril Gavoille, Martin Nehez:
Interval Routing in Reliability Networks

Y. Kohayakawa, Vojtech Roedl, Mathias Schacht:
Discrepancy and Eigenvalues of Cayley Graphs

Alain Plagne:
A proof of two Erdos' conjectures on restricted addition and further results

Matej Stehlik:
On Matching and Colouring of Graphs

Adrian Dumitrescu, Rados Radoicic:
On a coloring problem for the integer grid

Yoshio Okamoto:
The free complex of a two-dimensional generalized convex shelling

Daniele A. Gewurz, Francesca Merola:
Orbits on cycles and circulant objects

David Hartvigsen, Pavol Hell, Jacint Szabo:
The k-Piece Packing Problem

Gyula Pap:
The H-factor problem in directed graphs

Marton Makai:
A polyhedral approach to even factors in weakly symmetric graphs

Michel Habib, Christophe Paul, Jan Arne Telle:
Generalization of interval graphs defined as intersection graphs

Michel Habib, David Kelly, Emmanuelle Lebhar, Christophe Paul:
Sandwich Problems for Posets

Andreas Baltz, Gerold Jaeger, Anand Srivastav:
Constructions of Sparse Asymmetric Connectors

W. L. Fouche, L. M. Pretorius, C. J. Swanepoel:
On the Ramsey degrees of posets

Francesc Aguilo-Gost:
An efficient algorithm to find tight families of additive bases

Janos Barat, Carsten Thomassen:
Dividing the edges of a graph into connected subgraphs of prescribed size

Ilse Fischer:
A method for proving polynomial enumeration formulas

Guillaume Fertin, Andre Raspaud:
L(p,q) Labeling of d-Dimensional Grids

A. Llado, Susana Clara Lopez Masip:
Minimum tree decompositions of simple graphs

Rostislav Caha, Vaclav Koubek:
Paths and Cycles Spanning Hypercubes

Mickael Montassier:
Observability of odd graphs, bi-odd graphs and recursive clique-trees

Olivier Bodini:
Tilings on the Butterfly Lattice

Jiri Matousek, Milos Stojakovic:
On Restricted Min-Wise Independence of Permutations

Gyula O. H. Katona:
A coding problem for pairs of subsets

Benjamin Doerr:
Non-independent Randomized Rounding, Linear Discrepancy and an Application to Digital Halftoning

Gyula Karolyi:
The Erdos-Heilbronn problem in the additive theory and the polynomial method

Nils Hebbinghaus, Tomasz Schoen, Anand Srivastav:
Discrepancy of Hyperplanes in F_2^r

Sul-young Choi, Puhua Guan :
Construction of a family of graphs with a small induced proper subgraph with minimum degree 3

Veselin Jungic, Jacob Licht, Mohammad Mahdian, Jaroslav Nesetril, Rados Radoicic:
Rainbow Arithmetic Progressions and Anti-Ramsey Results

Tomas Dvorak:
Hamiltonian cycles and paths with prescribed edges in the hypercube

Manuel Bodirsky, Clemens Groepl, Mihyun Kang:
Generating Unlabeled Cubic Planar Graphs Uniformly at Random

Nachum Dershowitz, Mitch Harris:
Enumerating Satisfiable Propositional Formulae

Christian Bey:
On 2-perfect codes in the odd graphs

Csaba D. Toth:
Binary Space Partition for Fat Orthogonal Hyperrectangles

Alexander Tiskin:
Packing tripods: a computational approach

Noga Alon, Eitan Bachmat:
Constructing d-regular graphs whose subgraphs tend to be acyclic

Hugh Thomas:
Tamari Lattices for Types B and D

Shalom Eliahou:
On the construction of small sumsets

Yared Nigussie:
Algorithm for Computing Structural Descriptions and Obstructions of Tree Ideals

Y.O.Hamidoune, Oriol Serra, G. Zemor:
Sets with small sumset modulo p.

Stephan Brandt:
Properties of expanding graphs and digraphs

Margaret Archibald, Arnold Knopfmacher, Helmut Prodinger:
The number of distinct values in a geometrically distributed sample

Pavel Valtr:
Open caps and cups in planar point sets

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