Fifth Czech-Slovak International Symposium
Combinatorics, Graph Theory,
Algorithms and Applications
Prague, July 6-11, 1998

Sporting activities


The swimming pool (see the campus map) is open for public from 10 am to 6 pm Tuesday to Friday. In these hours users have to pay 40 kc per hour. For the participants of our symposium, the swimming pool is reserved Wednesday to Friday 7 am to 8 am for early morning swimming before breakfast. The participants are encouraged to use this possibility, during this time the pool is reserved for our conference only and is also paid by the conference.

Other activities

For most other activities the users have to pay themselves (the only free activity is field-track which is available all day, see the map). The paid activities have to be reserved a day in advance. Please, write your name on a form on the bulletin board when you are interested in sporting. A designated student will book the facility and confirm. The available activities are tennis (1 clay court, 1 asphalt court, 2 carpet ones), volleyball (clay court and beach volleyball), table tennis and fitness center.

Jan Kratochvil
Jiri Fiala

June 16, 1998