Fifth Czech-Slovak International Symposium
Combinatorics, Graph Theory,
Algorithms and Applications
Prague, July 6-11, 1998

Cultural Events in Prague

Prague is a renown center of cultural life in Central Europe. Pity for the participants that our scientific program is so rich, but even the accompanying persons will undoubtedly find difficult to cover at least the most important ones of all the galleries, museums, churches, historical monuments, theaters, concert halls or jazz clubs that Prague is offering to the culture loving visitors. We have collected a small number of events which we can recommend to the participants, and for these we will try to arrange tickets. If you are interested, please write to and specify the event and number of tickets you want. The tickets are sold on first come first serve basis, so if you find something really interesting, do not wait too long ... You will be personally notified if we succeed in arranging the requested tickets, and you can purchase them after registration. Tickets for events performed later during the conference week can be ordered also during the conference.


It is perhaps not surprising fact that Prague has quite active artistic life. This fact is well known for music (and perhaps there are too many concerts) and theaters (featuring several avangarde theaters and also 3 opera houses). What is less known and perhaps surprising that one finds in Prague an exceptionally active artistic scene with large number of exhibitions and shows in virtually all areas of classical and contemporary art. For those interested more seriously I recommend the biweekly journal Atelier, which contains the accurate listing of all the museum and galery shows. I selected just a few shows which I consider exceptional:
National Gallery (which is spread around Prague in several buildings) shows in St. Agnes Monastery (Klaster Sv.Anezky) a large exhibition "Magister Theodoricus". This is a must for everybody interested in medieval art, on the show there is one of the largest collection of gothic (so called international gothic style) paintings in the existence. These work were recently restored and after the show will return to (closed to the public) Chapel of Holy Cross at Castle Karlstejn. Two catalogues are available: a shorter catalogue for cca 15$ and a scholarly large catalogue for 100$.
Museum of Modern Art (also part of National Gallery) is located in a spectacular example of functionalistic architecture "Veletrzni palac" (Trade Fair Palace, 1928). It houses the world famous early collection of cubism and early modernism (so called French Collection) and until August it shows a lovely exhibition : Paul Gauguin in National Gallery of Prague. This is a small but extremely lovely exhibition featuring perhaps the last existing Gauguin's canvas. A small catalogue is a bargain (70Kc). Contemporary shows include a large retrospective of Cindy Sherman in Galerie Rudolfinum (in Rudolfinum, the entry from Vltava-side) and contemporary Czech painter Michael Rittstein at Micovna (located in the gardens of Hradcany Castle). If you arrive earlier then you can still see a remarkable installation of Jiri Beranek at Belveder (also in the Castle gardens, until Sunday July 5). On the Staromestske namesti (Old Town Square) there is a retrospective of Czech L'Art Brut.
Also, and as a special treat for this meeting, two small shows of joint works of J. Naceradsky and J.Nesetril which are located at Malostranska beseda (on Malostranske nam. opposite to the Faculty of Mathematics) and in Celetna street in the Carolinum complex.
If the symbolism is your favourite stream then I recommend the exhibition of Jakub Schikaneder at Valdstejnska jizdarna (a few steps from Malostranska metro station), here you will see lovely pictures of old (and in some cases by now lost) Prague (catalogue 500Kc). There is also a remarkable villa (and museum) of symbolist sculptor Frantisek Bilek (walking distance from the castle, tram stop Belveder).


Prague is well known for opera performances. Unfortunately, the Prague opera theaters have holidays in July. However, several concert halls present opera shows (opera gala) featuring the most popular solos and duets:
Stavovske divadlo (Estate theater) - Gala Mozart every night at 8 pm, ticket price 600 CZK
Lichtenstein Palace - Opera Gala every night at 5:30 pm, ticket prices range from 300 to 600 CZK
Marionette Thater - Don Giovani well appreciated puppet show, every night at 8 pm, ticket priced 300 - 500 CZK
!!Lichtenstein Palace - Don Giovani the only real opera performance, July 10, 11 and 12, at 8:30 pm, ticket price ranging from 400 to 1500 CZK depending on the distance from the stage
Villa Bertramka - A night with Mozart an artistic reconstruction of the story of W.A.Mozart and Josefina Dusek, every night at 8 pm. Villa Bertramka is the place where Mozart stayed when visiting Duseks in Prague. It is also the Mozart museum of Prague, thus a visit before the beginning of the performance is recommended. Tickets for 400 CZK.


of classical music are so numerous that we hesitate to give samples. Almost every church hosts organ or other concerts every night and tickets can be purchased before the concerts. We point out
Rudolfinum - The Oratorio Society of Washington D.C. and Pilsen Philharmony July 4 at 8 pm
St. George Basilica at Prague Castle - Chamber Orchestra July 5 at 5:30 pm
Spanish Hall of Prague Castle - 100 anniversary of the birth of G. Gerschwin featuring D. Battle, R. Bouknight, B. Runnels and Czech Radio Symphonic Orchestra, July 7 at 8 pm
Smetana hall of the Municipal House - Praha Mozart Orchestra in original costumes revives the tradition of Mozart glamorous time, July 8 and 10, at 8:30 pm
Nostitz Palace - Czech Trio July 11 at 8 pm

Laterna Magica

is an artistic confluence of music, movie theater and actors on the stage, a modern pantomime. Ticket price 500 CZK.
The enchanted circus is a poetic story about endless searching of happiness, performed July 4, 5 and 6 at 8 pm
Odysseus the never ending journey, July 7 through 11, at 8 pm.

Black Theater

is also well known over the world. Wait for the actors glowing in complete darkness.
Animato Theater - Therapy Rock a small story from the great time of the Beatles, every night at 8:30 pm.
Jiri Srnec Black Theater - Ahasver Legends of Magic Prague and Rudolf II, every night at 8 pm.

Jazz clubs

Though Prague is not New Orleans and cannot claim that Jazz was invented in its pubs, cafes and clubs, jazz belongs to Prague evening life. Numerous jazz clubs are featuring life music every night, including both Czech bands and famous foreign musicians. Life music starts at 9 pm every day.
Agharta Jazz Center is a small place in the basement, capacity of only 60 seats provides a warm atmosphere enhanced by colorful long drinks served at affordable prices. Recommended evenings are July 7 - ASPM (extremely good xylophone) and July 9 - J. Stivin (an excellent flute player whose virtuosity ranges from Thelleman to modern jazz).
Reduta is a bigger stage, recommended July 5 - Eye of the Hurricane modern jazz.
From foreign musicians we want to mention:
Jazz and Blues Cafe - Stan the Man Blues Band (U.K.) July 5.
Lucerna Music Bar , a big place for 1000 spectators (ticket price 300 CZK) , features Charles Lloyd Quartet July 10 and Scot Henderson Blues Band July 12.

Jan Kratochvil
Jiri Fiala
Jaroslav Nesetril

June 16, 1998