Preliminary Programme


13:00   Lunch
16:00   J. Nešetřil TBA
17:00   Z. Ryjáček: Contractibility Techniques as a Closure Concept
17:30   R. Čada: Closure Concepts for Hamiltonian-Connectivity
18:00   Dinner
18:00   Problem session


8:00   Breakfast
9:00   M. Horňák: On the Achromatic Index of Complete Graphs
10:00   Coffee break
10:30   E. Bruoth: On-line Ranking Number for Cycles and Paths
11:00   J. Fiala: On the On-line Coloring and Labeling of Intersection Graphs of Disks and Squares
11:30   Antoni Lozano: On the Complexity of Counting the Number of Vertices Moved by Graph Automorphisms
12:15   Lunch
16:00   R. Babilon: Small Aperiodic Sets of Tiles
16:30   T. Kaiser: $k$-flat Transversals to Unit Balls
17:00   O. Pangrác: On Intersection Graphs of Segments with Prescribed Slopes
17:30   V. Jungic: On Monochromatic Arithmetic Progressions Having Odd Common Difference
18:00   Dinner


8:00   Breakfast
9:00   Škrekovský: Colorings of Planar Graphs
10:00   Coffee break
10:30   R. Nedela: Regular Embeddings of Complete Multipartite Graphs
11:00   M. Ipolyiová, J. Šiagiová: Regular Maps, Chebychev Polynomials, and Minimal Polynomials of $2\cos(\pi/n)$
11:30   M. Knor: Connectivity of Iterated Path Graphs
12:00   G. Hahn: Barveni turnamentu
12:45   Lunch
13:30   Excursion (for those, who are interested)
19:30   Conference banquet


8:00   Breakfast
9:00   P. Valtr TBA
10:00   Coffee break
10:30   J. Maxová: On Faithful Cycle Covers of Graphs
11:00   P. Smolíková: Simple Homomorphisms and Simple Chromatic Numbers
11:30   T. Marshall: Universal Graphs and Vertex Colourings
12:15   Lunch
16:00   F. Franěk: Erdös' Conjecture on Multiplicities of Complete Subgraphs Revisited, Lower Upper Bounds for Cliques of Size 5 and 6
16:30   M. Kubesa: Note on a Multiple-Key Multiple-Lock Security Problem
17:00   T. Madaras: On the Structure of Plane Graphs of Restricted Face Size
17:30   P. Kolman: Simple On-line Algorithms for the Maximum Disjoint Paths Problem
18:00   Dinner


8:00   Breakfast
9:00   M. Škoviera: Regular Embeddings of Complete Bipartite Graphs
10:00   Coffee break
10:30   L. Nebeský: A Ternary Relation Defined by a Connected Graph
11:00   R. Caha: Paths, Cycles, Multipaths and Multicycles in Dense Subsets of Hypercubes
11:30   H. J. Voss: Light Subgraphs in Maps of Minimum Degree 5 on Compact 2-Manifolds
12:15   Lunch


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