ATCAGC lectures and talks
Winter school lectures on Harmonic covers of graphs by Alexander Mednykh
Winter school lectures on Combinatorial Designs by Alexander Rosa
Monday January 20
8:30-10:30 Alexander Rosa
   Design theory basics.
   BIBDs, MOLS, finite geometries, t-designs, Steiner systems, PBDs (pairwise balanced designs).
11:00-13:00 Alexander Mednykh
On Wiman's theorem for graphs
Aleksander Malnič
On sectional split lifts
Matan Ziv-Av
Enumeration of S-rings over small groups
Ilya Mednykh
On isospectrality of genus two graph
16:00-18:00 Alexander Mednykh
Laplacians of graphs, spectra and Laplacian polynomials
18:15-19:15 Winter school exercises
Tuesday January 21
8:30-10:30 Alexander Rosa
   Triple systems.
   Direct and recursive constructions.
   STSs, TTSs, MTSs, DTSs (Steiner, twofold, Mendelsohn, and directed triple systems)
11:00-13:00 Pavel Klavík
   Algorithmic Aspects of Regular Graph Covers
Kan Hu
Almost totally branched coverings between regular hypermaps
Peter Zeman
Automorphism Groups of Geometrically Represented Graphs
Jiří Fiala
Locally constrained homomorphisms on graphs of bounded degree and bounded treewidth
16:00-18:00 Alexander Mednykh
   Counting spanning trees
18:15-19:15 Winter school exercises
Wednesday January 22
8:30-10:30 Alexander Mednykh
Coverings of graphs and uniformization theory
11:00-13:00 Alexander Rosa
   More on Steiner triple systems.
   Steiner systems S(2,4,v). Steiner quadruple systems.
16:00-17:00 Winter school exercises
17:00-18:00 Invited lecture
Marston Conder
   Rotary and regular maps with simple underlying graphs 
18:00 - ? Conference dinner
Thursday January 23
8:30-10:30 Alexander Mednykh
   Quasi-coverings of graphs and harmonic maps
11:00-12:00 Invited lecture
Jozef Širáň
   Covering constructions of extremal graphs of given degree and diameter, or girth
12:00-13:00 Na-Er Wang
Regular embeddings of complete bipartite graphs with multiple edges
Mária Ždímalová
Construction of large digraphs of given degree and diameter and their symmetries
16:00-18:00 Alexander Rosa
   PBDs, group divisible designs, traversal designs, PBD-closure.
   Wilson's Fundamental Theorem.
18:15-19:15 Winter school exercises
Friday January 24
8:30-10:30 Alexander Rosa
   Other configurations and designs.
   Compendium of open research problems. 
11:00-12:00 Petr Hliněný
Computing the Stretch of an Embedded Graph
Martin Knor
Domination in vertex-transitive cubic graphs on 2m vertices
13:30-15:30 Alexander Mednykh
   Jacobians of graphs