Here we summarize the content of individual lectures on Programming held in English language:

October 4:

October 11: Stable matching, graph-searching algorithms, how does a program in Pascal look, constants, variables (and their data-types), if, while, for, repeat. Presentation.

October 18: Basic control structures (if, while, for) and examples for their use, basic notions of computational complexity. Presentation.

October 25: No lecture (due to Imatriculation ceremony).

November 1: Arrays, sieve of Eratosthenes, unary and binary searching in the array, Horner's method, how to define (and call) functions and procedures, global and local variables. Presentation (next time we start around functions)

November 8: No lecture (Dean's day with sports)

November 15: Precomputation (maximum constant submatrix), nested functions, introduction to the recursion (simple problems solved by recursion). Presentation.

and also Enumerated data-types, control structure "case ... of ...", compiler directives, files (text files). Presentation. Structures (data type "record"), binary files. Presentation.

November 22: Simple sorting algorithms, units. Presentation.

November 29: Pointers. Presentation.

December 6: Directive "forward", linked lists. Queue, buffer, binary trees, binary search trees, balancedness. Presentation, we finished at frame 63.

December 13: Binary search trees, AVL-trees, red-black-trees, A-B-trees, remark on A-sort canonical representation of k-ary tree with a data structure for binary tree. Presentation.

January 4: Sparse polynomials and matrices, low-level access to memory, hashing. Presentation.

January 11: Long numbers and their representation, graph representations, graph algorithms. Presentation.

List of some possible semester-projects. Not all topics are suitable for everybody, list should mainly inspire you.

You also asked me to show source-codes I use to create during the lecture. Although their use is discutable, I am showing them here (ordered by lectures): C.PAS, LE5.PAS, D.PAS, NSORT.PAS, E.PAS, F.PAS, CHESS.TXT