About LIME

LIME - (Library of Interval Methods) is toolbox for Matlab containing interval linear algebra methods. It was originally developed mostly for computing enclosure of square and overdetermined interval linear systems. This page is documentation of most important methods from this library. For more detailed description or for description of smaller helping methods one can take a look into the source m-files. Each m-file includes detailed description of methods implementation.

LIME uses toolbox Intlab 6 which has been developed by Siegfried M. Rump at Hamburg University of Technology, Germany. When finding optimal enclosure we use method verlinprog from toolbox Versoft created by Jiří Rohn at Institute of Computer Science, Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic.

Most of methods in this toolbox works with real interval matrices and vectors. If input parameters are point real, they are converted to intervals using intval method from Intlab. In Intlab reference it is mentioned that this procedure can sometimes cause problems and we can get intervals not containing our input data.

  LIME detail

author: Jaroslav Horáček, Milan Hladík (KAM MFF UK)
last release: 27.6.2015
version: 2.?
using: Intlab v6, Versoft 10
tested under: Matlab R2009a


LIME is still under development. We are working on it in our free time, so we are sorry it takes so long. We are now rewriting various sourcecode of LIME to meet the new and nice documentation format. It contained much more functions, but now it contains only the functions that are in the new format. The template is inside the .zip file. There is also one nearly finished package for computation of enclosures of interval linear systems ils, that can be used as a template. Do not worry, new parts will be added constantly.


Download LIME zip file

Copyright (C) 2015 - Jaroslav Horáček (KAM MFF UK)