Department of Applied Mathematics (KAM)

Welcome to the home page of the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Charles University in Prague. The department is located in a historical building on Malá Strana in the heart of Prague. Our teaching and research activities are concentrated in discrete mathematics, geometry, theoretical computer science, operations research, optimization, and related areas.

- Noon lecture on Thu Nov 3 - There is a noon lecture by Alexandr Kazda: Beyond perfect matchings: Solving edge-CSP for even delta-matroids at 12:20 in S6.
- Noon lecture on Thu Dec 1 - There is a noon lecture by Torsten Mütze: Trimming and gluing Gray codes at 12:20 in S6.
- Noon lecture on Tue Dec 6 - There is a noon lecture by Lutz Warnke: The phase transition in the random d-process at 14:00 in S1.
- Noon lecture on Thu Jan 12 - There is a noon lecture by Stephan Wagner: TBA at 12:20 in S6.
- Prize of Jirka Matoušek - Prize for doctoral students of KAM.

Links: Mathematical Colloquia, Midsummer Combinatorial Workshop, Spring school, Research Experiences for Undergraduates


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